You should have a test if you have EVER been sexually active.

Chlamydia doesn't only affect people who sleep around. Even if you have only had sex with one partner, you could still have this infection.

Getting tested is a very responsible thing to do, and is a sign that you value yourself and your health.


This Chlamydia Screening Programme welcomes all women under the age of 25 who have ever been sexually active and currently show no signs or symptoms. You may still be screened if you are under 16.


It isn't only women that get this infection.

If you are under 25, have ever had sex and are currently showing no signs or symptoms of an infection, you should get a test done!

Why run the risk of swollen, painful testicles when all you have to do is give a urine sample?

I'm 25 or over - can I get tested?

If you are the partner of someone who is under 25 and has been tested and found to have Chlamydia on our programme, we can test you and offer you free antibiotics. If you are 25 or over and do not have a partner who has been tested under this programme, then we are very sorry but we will not be able to test you.