The test - free, simple and totally confidential

Both men & women will need to complete a form and give your preferred method of contact so that we can let you know the result. The result can be sent by text, telephone, letter or email. It is very important that you get the result in case you need treatment.

Women - self taken swab

No need to bare your bits or have an examination done by a nurse!

You will be asked to provide a self-taken vaginal swab, although you have the option of providing a urine sample if you prefer. The swab is easy to do and is no more invasive than inserting a tampon.

Men - urine sample

No nasty, painful swabs!

You will be asked to provide a urine sample. It doesn’t have to be your first pee of the day. You just need to make sure that you haven’t passed urine for at least 1.5 hours before you do the test.

When do I get the result?

You should receive your result within 2 weeks. You will be contacted by the method you said you preferred.
However, if you are concerned or have not heard from us, then please call the Chlamydia Screening Office.

The result is negative

If the result is negative, it means that the test has not detected a Chlamydia infection.
Very rarely a test can appear negative when it is in fact positive (a false negative). If your test is negative and you have any signs or symptoms, please call the Chlamydia Screening Office on either of the telephone numbers above.

The result is positive

If the result is positive, it means that the test has detected a chlamydia infection. You will be contacted with your result and offered an appointment with one of our health advisers so that you can receive free antibiotics. It is important that you do not have sex during the course of your treatment (usually 7 days) or until your partner has also been treated, or you could run the risk of being re-infected. We can test and treat your partner for free too.