Will I know how long I have had the infection?

A positive test result does not give any indication of the length of time someone has been infected for. You may not have any symptoms at all or they may appear a long time after you have been exposed to Chlamydia. You might not know whether you have caught it from your current partner or a previous sexual partner. These doubts can be hard to handle. Some people feel upset or angry when they have an STI and find it difficult to talk to their partner or friends about it. Don?t be afraid to talk about how you feel with the health adviser/nurse ? they won?t judge you.

Will the antibiotics clear the infection completely?

Yes, providing you follow the instructions you are given. Once Chlamydia has been successfully treated, it won?t come back unless a new infection is picked up through unprotected sex. Always using a condom will help to prevent this.

How will I know if Chlamydia has affected my fertility?

Chlamydia is just one of many factors that can affect your fertility. However, the more episodes of infection a person has, the more likely it is to cause this complication. If you have had Chlamydia you will not normally be offered any routine tests to see if you are fertile unless you and your partner find that you have difficulty getting pregnant. If you are concerned, talk to your GP or practice nurse.

What happens if I get Chlamydia when I?m pregnant?

Chlamydia may be linked to early miscarriage or premature birth of the baby. It can be passed to the baby during the birth and (less commonly) before the baby is born. This can cause inflammation and discharge from the baby?s eyes (conjunctivitis) and pneumonia. Chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics when you are pregnant and when you are breastfeeding. The antibiotics won?t harm the baby, but do tell the doctor or nurse that you are pregnant so they can discuss with you the best antibiotic to use. You may also be asked to return for a repeat test.

What if I don?t want to take the test?

This is not a problem. This screening programme is totally voluntary and you have every right to refuse to take part. It will not affect the way you are looked after in the future. If you change your mind, you are welcome to come for a test at any time.

Will I ever need to do another test?

You should have another test done if you or your partner have unprotected sex with someone else. We don?t mind how often you have a test!

How do I let my partner(s) know?

The health adviser/nurse can discuss how to inform your partner when you attend the clinic and we can give you information to give to them. Alternatively, you can bring them along with you when you attend for treatment ? that way they can get tested and treated straight away. If you feel unable to tell your partner(s), the health adviser/nurse can write to them or telephone them confidentially, your name will never be mentioned to them by the Health Adviser.